Duke Law Journal 38th Annual Administrative Law Conference: Rethinking the Administrative Law Project Twenty-Five Years On-An Anniversary Issue


Duke Law Journal 38th Annual Administrative Law Conference:
Rethinking the Administrative Law Project Twenty-Five Years On-An Anniversary Issue

The Duke Law Journal will host its thirty-eighth annual Administrative Law Conference in February 2008.  The conference anticipates the twenty-fifth anniversaries of several cases at the core of the administrative law canon:  Motor Vehicles Mfrs. Ass’n v. State Farm, INS v. Chadha, Chevron v. NRDC, Bowsher v. Synar, and CFTC v. Schor.  Because these cases-all decided within a few years of one another in the mid-1980s-span a range of doctrines, we prefer not to focus on any one to the exclusion of the others.  Rather, we take this opportunity to step back and reflect on the management of the administrative state in its entirety.

We seek submissions that fulfill two aims, one descriptive the other prescriptive:  first, taking advantage of the upcoming anniversaries, the papers should explain how administrative law doctrines collectively establish a concerted governing system or how they fail to do so; second, the papers should identify the present-day pressures to which the administrative state should respond, if any, and propose appropriate reforms.  In short, we use the occasion to ask where the administrative law project has come and where it should go.

Please submit a short (2,000) word prospectus of your proposed topic to dlj|at|law.duke.edu by August 20, 2007, with the subject heading “ALC Submission.”  Authors will be notified of the results of our selection process by September 10, 2007.  All submissions should be accompanied by the author’s curriculum vitae and an indication of the author’s availability in February 2008.

Please note the format and timing of our conference issue.  Accepted proposals will be developed into Essays of not more than 20,000 words that will be published in the April 2008 issue of the Duke Law Journal.  To adhere to our publication timeline, we will require authors to submit ready-to-edit drafts of their essays no later than January 9, 2008.

Please contact us at dlj|at|law.duke.edu with any questions.  We look forward to reading your submissions.


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