Does Globalization Represent a Threat or Promise for Social Justice and Democratic Institutions?


October 26-27, 2007

Announcement & Call For Papers

Symposium Paper Proposal Submission Deadline:  August 25, 2007

Open Workshop Abstract Submission Deadline:  August 25, 2007

The Central States Law School Association and the Journal of Law in Society announce a joint conference at Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, Michigan on October 26-27, 2007. The conference will consist of a Friday afternoon symposium presentation of selected papers and Saturday open workshop panel presentations. With author consent, the selected symposium papers will be published in the Journal of Law in Society as its symposium issue for 2007-2008.

Authors will present selected symposium papers on Friday afternoon in up to three panel sessions with question and answer periods at the end of each panel session. A participant dinner will be held at the close of the panels on Friday. From 9 am until 4 pm on Saturday, authors will present papers on any private or public-law topic in a number of workshop panels, with question and answer periods either after each paper or at the end of each panel as the authors decide. The annual meeting of the Central States Law School Association and election of officers for 2007-2008 will conclude the conference on Saturday evening.


Does Globalization Represent a Threat or Promise for Social Justice and Democratic Institutions? With the rapid pace of globalization, countries have witnessed increasing integration of communications, economic processes, and financial markets. There is a widespread assumption that the competitive pressures unleashed by globalization are ultimately useful in spurring broader economic growth and greater integration, yet there is also growing concern that globalization plays a direct role in creating new and in some cases apparently insoluble problems for social justice and democratic institutions.

Conference participants are invited to consider this topic from three perspectives: (1) Does the growing power of corporations and their concomitant ability to set the terms of competition in a globalized economy aid or hurt social justice and democratic institutions? (2) Do increases in property right protection (including intellectual property regimes) aid or hurt social justice and democratic institutions? (3) Do financial and tax competition aid or hurt social justice and democratic institutions?


The conference will be held at Wayne State University Law School, located in midtown Detroit’s cultural district.  The law school is about thirty minutes from the airport and five minutes from the train station. Midtown Detroit and the immediate vicinity provide a vibrant atmosphere with an attractive combination of cultural, dining, and entertainment options.


Funding for the conference is limited and will primarily pay for refreshments and meals. We expect also to pay for one night’s lodging at the Inn at Ferry Street for those who present papers at the symposium and open workshop panels (subject to availability of funds). Transportation to Detroit will not be covered, however.


One-two page proposals for papers (or completed papers) on the symposium topic as described above may be submitted for consideration any time up until August 25, 2007.  Submissions received after August 25 may be accepted on a space-available basis. Authors whose proposals have been accepted for the symposium panels will be notified by the Journal Board no later than September 15. Preliminary symposium papers will then be due by October 1. Subject to exceptions at the discretion of the editorial board of the Journal of Law in Society, submitted papers should be limited to 15,000 words, remain at a revisable stage at the date of the conference, and neither be published nor accepted for publication elsewhere.

Open workshop paper proposals or abstracts may be submitted anytime up until August 25, 2007. Workshop paper proposals will continue to be accepted after the August deadline, subject to the availability of presentation slots.

Proposals must contain the following information:

(1) name, address, telephone, and email;

(2) title of presentation;

(3) brief description of presentation idea; and

(4) organization affiliation and position.

Completed papers are not required, although they are welcome. Please send submissions via email to:

      CONTACT:       Mr. Oday Salim

      In the subject line, please include your name and the words
      “Central States.”

      Any other questions can be addressed to any of our officers:

      CONTACT:       President Linda Beale
                                  Associate Professor
                                  Wayne State University Law School
      Tel:                     (313)577-3941

      CONTACT:       Vice-President Cindy Buys
                                  Assistant Professor
                                  Southern Illinois University School of Law
      Tel:                    (618)453-8743

      CONTACT:      Treasurer Carolyn Dessin
                                 Associate Professor
                                 University of Akron School of Law
      Tel:                    (330)972-6358

      CONTACT:       Secretary Danshera Cords
                                  Associate Professor
                                 Capital University Law School
      Tel:                    (614)236-6516


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